Chuukmenessor (Chuuk Language and Cultural Association of Hawai’i)

Chuukmenessor (Chuuk Language and Cultural Association of Hawai’i) provides language and culture educational opportunities for Chuukese children that are far from their homeland, and fosters a sense of community to inspire positive contributions and actions. Chuukmenessor offers Chuukese language and culture classes to youth in grades K-12, with outreach sites at Hawai’i’s Plantation Village in Waipahu, Evergreen Church in Wai’anae, St. Elizabeth’s Episcopal Church in Honolulu, and Towers at Kūhio Park in Kalihi. Under the mentorship of teachers and master craftspeople, Chuukese youth build literacy through conversation and storytelling, traditional housebuilding, weaving, carving, cooking, and other cultural practices.