Community Power

Hawai’i People’s Fund has been building community power since 1972. We do this in a variety of ways ~ through serving as connectors, through our unique community-empowered, activist-advised grantmaking, and through our programming. We strive to be a model for progressive philanthropy here in Hawai’i through a roots-up approach, connecting community partners with each other, with the larger community, and with other movement allies to support their work.

Building Community Power ✊🏾

Maui Aloha: The People’s Response is dedicated to moving crucial financial support to those directly impacted by the wildfires on Maui Island, providing a safe and trusted conduit to move kōkua quickly.

Join us in CELEBRATING community-based philanthropy in ACTION by learning more about our Spring 2023 grantees and their efforts to ensure a vibrant, just future in Hawai’i nei.

These grants are used exclusively to move critical resources to past, present, and future grantees committed to serving the community in times of need.

Noke Mau is a 2-year grant of $15,000 given to two grassroots huis who have proven year over year their work towards long-lasting social change in our communities.

Giving Projects are created for individuals and families that want to strengthen their relationships, skills, understanding, leadership, and purpose to support meaningful community building.

Apply for a Grant

Hawai’i People’s Fund is committed to supporting grassroots organizations implementing direct actions to reduce the harm of current systemic failures and organizing to build power for indigenous and marginalized communities. We welcome strategic proposals that aim to support our beloved community and build towards a more just and equitable future.

Invest in Hawaiʻiʻs FUTURE!

HPF’s “community giving, community doing” model is only possible through the generosity and aloha of the HPF ‘ohana ~ your choice to contribute is a commitment to the vision of a more equitable and just Hawai’i just as much as is the work of grassroots organizations receiving grants.

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