Application for Urgent Action Grants

Hawaiʻi People’s Fund is committed to supporting grassroots organizations implementing direct actions to reduce the harm of current systemic failures and organizing to build power for indigenous and marginalized communities. We welcome strategic proposals that aim to support our beloved community and build towards a more just and equitable future.

How to Apply for a Grant

If you are a current or past HPF grantee responding to the Maui fires, please contact us directly before filling out this application –

Please review the Funding Guidelines & Eligibility before applying.


Required Documents

All Applications must be accompanied by an Organizational Budget + a Project Budget (if applying for a specific project), with narratives for both (see Budget Instructions on application).

Please complete both of these budgets, and upload/attach with your application.

To avoid any potential glitches when working with long submissions forms, we highly recommend the following:

1. COMPLETE all fields of the application in a separate Word Document FIRST. When you are ready to submit your application, cut and paste from the word document into the online application fields.

2. When filling out the application in the online portal, you must move to a new page before your inputted information will save. We know itʻs a pain, but the application is setup that way for security purposes.

This paper application can be downloaded, filled out, and sent to

Maui Aloha

While organizations may apply for Urgent Action Grants to support change-oriented direct actions happening in communities across the pae ʻāīna, the Hawaiʻi People’s Fund is prioritizing assistance to huis mobilizing to provide immediate relief to those directly impacted by the wildfires on Maui Island.

We understand that low-income families, houseless communities, people with disabilities, indigenous, immigrant, and communities of color are disproportionately impacted by crisis (in addition to ongoing systemic oppression). Community organizing is essential at this moment to protect ‘āina kulaiwi, heal lives and spirits, and ensure our most vulnerable communities can stay safe.

Examples of projects/responses can include:

  • Participatory mutual aid projects serving vulnerable communities (food justice, kūpuna care, childcare)
  • Building solidarity economies
  • Community centered indigenous traditional healing and medicine
  • Organizing transportation and deployment of essential goods
  • Organizing against evictions, utility shut offs, ICE and immigration enforcement
  • Organizing for mental health and grief counseling resources
  • Organizing to protect affected lands from predatory investors and speculators

To accommodate real-time response to community needs, the Hawaiʻi People’s Fund will make the following special considerations to those responding to issues related to the August 2023 fires on Maui:

  • Current grantees or past grantees mobilizing in Relief and Response on Maui may seek direct awards for urgent response. Please contact the Executive Director directly at
  • Committee will make all efforts to expedite review and make determinations within a week of receipt or less

The maximum grant request is $5,000.

(The People’s Fund reserves the right to expedite larger awards to past and current grantees providing direct, immediate relief to those recovering from the Maui wildfires. Email