Who We Are

Hawai’i People’s Fund has helped to support, build capacity, and amplify the impact of grassroots social change movements in Hawai’i since 1972.

As the only intermediary organization in Hawai’i working with this constituency from a social justice perspective, we strive to be a model for progressive social change and a viable resource for a strong and enduring movement in the islands.

Hawai’i People’s Fund supports passionate, grassroots community groups working for social justice in Hawai’i. These groups are often considered too small, too new, or too controversial by traditional funding organizations. We are dedicated to the most creative, passionate, and radical visions of community, bravely navigating the intersections of indigeneity, environment, race, class, labor, gender, ability, art, technology, mental health, incarceration, food, and other crucial issues we face.

The History of Hawai’i People’s Fund

Since 1972, Hawai’i People’s Fund has given all of us an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We’re the only organization in the world specifically addressing the needs of grassroots progressive movement builders in Hawai’i. HPF was initially formed in response to short-sighted development efforts, economic and social disparities, and indigenous dispossession in Hawai’i.

And for over 50 years, our ‘ohana has challenged inequities by resourcing and advocating for those upending and healing the effects of it. The slow and steady simmer of intergenerational change is what it takes, and our ‘ohana’s role in the long game has been a GAMECHANGER in our shared story.

Our “Change, Not Charity”™ community-based philanthropy model connects community giving to grassroots organizations who ARE the story of social change in Hawai’i. We recognize that the communities we serve already HAVE the power ~ by redirecting community-raised resources to fuel that power, we amplify the reach of a unique partnership of activists and donors who share a vision of a just and equitable Hawai’i.

Invest in Hawai’i’s FUTURE!

Apply for a Grant

Hawai’i People’s Fund is committed to supporting grassroots organizations implementing direct actions to reduce the harm of current systemic failures and organizing to build power for indigenous and marginalized communities. We welcome strategic proposals that aim to support our beloved community and build towards a more just and equitable future.

Board of Directors

Hawai’i People’s Fund’s Board of Directors engage in rich conversation, reflection, and exercises around issues, strategies, values, organizational process, policy, and practice.

We commit to act responsively and intuitively in support of Hawai’i’s grassroots organizations working for peace and justice by nurturing connections, carefully stewarding resources, and uplifting philanthropy as an important form of engaging in social change.

We will continue to provide innovative spaces to engage donors and community partners at multiple levels, building a movement of advocacy and support, and erasing social boundaries between those who share a similar vision for healthy, equitable and sustainable communities.



For generations, Hawai’i People’s Fund has quietly supported those who fiercely advance systemic paradigm shifts in our lāhui. I am proud to do my small part in this genealogy of empowering grassroots, community movements.



I’m honored to support in whatever way I can to fulfill my kuleana of helping forge a more just, sustainable, and, ultimately, sovereign future for Hawai’i. Hawai’i People’s Fund is doing the necessary work of cultivating the social infrastructure and human capital needed to realize this future, and I’m so happy to be part of this amazing hui.



As a brown queer feminist born in Hawai’i and raised by Ilokana (im)migrants, I am holding onto hope for true liberation. I love being part of HPF for its commitment to invest in people, protect ‘āina, and hold space for everyone to enact justice & change together in Hawai’i.



Serving as a Director of HPF gives me hope for the future, that our beautiful pae ‘āina o Hawai’i will be one where resources flow in a pono direction and our keiki can practice their values with more systemic support than we could ever dream of.

Natalie DeBiasi


I am so proud to be part of Hawai’i People’s Fund and the legacy of supporting, amplifying, and uplifting grassroots organizations committed to creating a sustainable and equitable future for Hawai’i. As a kanaka born and raised on O’ahu, I am excited to perpetuate and participate in something so meaningful to advance social justice in our beautiful pae ‘āina. Hiki nō!!

Hina Ka’ōpua-Canonigo


He wahi leo ha’aha’a kēia i ka ‘auamo ‘ana i kēia kuleana nui. Piha nō me ka ha’aheo i ka hiki ‘ana ke kāko’o i kēia ‘ahahui e hāpai a’e ‘ana a ho’olaulā i nā leo kaiāulu. Nā kākou ke kuleana e kāko’o lāhui, kāko’o kekahi i kekahi, a ‘āpono nō wau i kēia hana nui a ka Hawai’i People’s Fund e hā’awi aku a paepae i nā hui kūpa’a a ho’omau ‘ana i ke ea o ko Hawai’i pae ‘āina.



It an honor to be a part of the legacy of Hawai’i People’s Fund, an organization that continues to fund, support, and amplify the most innovative grassroots movements in Hawai’i. As a kanaka maoli, being a leader within this organization has deepened my cultural roots and values and has given me the opportunity to create intentional impact in our communities.



The Hawai’i People’s Fund is a calling of community to create institutional change to stand against the inequities of colonialism and institutional racism. As kanaka, I am honored to contribute to this movement of revisioning of what Hawai’i could be.

Mea Aloha Spady


As we look toward the future of our island home, we must be mindful of how our resources play a role in the future we want. I am grateful to serve with Hawai’i People’s Fund and be in service to organizers who are caring for this space and place.


Micky Huihui

Executive Director

I’m drawn to liberation work because i am a descendent of 40,000 or so survivors that lived through population collapse and loss of country and prolonged occupation that began in the 1800’s in Hawai’i. As such, I have kuleana ~ a deep responsiblity and a PRIVILEGE ~ to work to secure a survivable and thrivable future for kanaka maoli in our homeland. I do this work for my ancestors, for the Kingdom, and for future generations.


Alakaʻi Hoʻoholo/Operations Manager

I am so grateful to be a part of HPF’s long history of building a more just, equitable and liberated Hawai’i. The work of our community partners inspires me every day.

Makamae Sniffen

Alakaʻi Hoʻolaha/Amplification Specialist

It is an honor to play a small part in the mo’okū’auhau of Hawai’i People’s Fund. This organization is fulfilling kuleana to uplift + amplify grassroots movements and kū’ē against inequities and colonialist structures. As a kanaka currently living in the diaspora, this work is what nourishes me and pau ‘ole ke aloha a me ka mahalo no kēia hui.

Tsuyuno Amos

Kākoʻo Hoʻomohala/Giving Project Coordinator

As a settler who was born and raised in Hawai’i, the work of HPF’s grantee partners gives me hope for a more equitable future in Hawai’i. Every day, our grantee partners do something that buoys my spirits, and I am so excited to be able to spread awareness and education about the work happening in our community.

Kenji Cataldo

Kākoʻo Hoʻomohala/Hawaiʻi Rising Producer

I’m thrilled to document and amplify the work of HPF’s community partners as part of the Hui Ho’omohala. As a settler raised on the continent, I’m honored to support grassroots movements that are building towards a more just and sovereign Hawai’i.

Grantmaking Committee

The Hawaiʻi Peopleʻs Fund utilizes a unique and distinguished approach to philanthropy: Activist-Advised Grantmaking. This approach directly involves community activists and leaders in philanthropic decision-making, as we firmly believe that it is crucial to shift the power for grantmaking to the activists who spend their lives on the front lines in their communities.

Our Grantmaking Committee represents a broad range of experiences and perspectives, informing their deliberations and decision-making. Convening the GMC also provides a much-needed space for activists to develop strategic relationships and share best practices and ideas.

The GMC reviews and pre-scores all proposals received before gathering for a full day of discussion and deliberation. Through a consensus-based decision-making process, they award grants to groups proposing authentic community change and empowerment based on their ability to impact their communities in measurable and meaningful ways. Recommendations are submitted to the HPF Board, and grant awards are typically made in the Spring.

Committee Members

Kaʻapuni Aiwohi
Katherine Burke
Nikki Cristobal
Elizabeth Fujii
Ashley Galacgac
Kaulana Ing
Nanea Lo
Logan Narikawa
Kaʻauamo Pacheco
Krisha Zane
Liliana Napoleon
Pilikai Fisk