Noke Mau

to persist, continue, repeat, persevere, keep on

Leaning into trust-based philanthropy practices and the incredible abundance that blessed us last year, HPF is offering Noke Mau, 2-year grants of $15,000 to two grassroots huis who have proven year over year their work towards long-lasting social change in our communities. We recognize the incredible work our partners do to advance justice in our communities, and also recognize our own kuleana to help build capacity and help sustain the general operations of Hawaiʻi-based grassroots organizations who have a proven track record of challenging systems of oppression as an HPF grantee. After careful deliberation, the HPFʻs Grantmaking Committee offered the inaugural Noke Mau grants to Mauna Kea Education & Awareness (Mauna a Wākea, Hawaiʻi) and Hui o Kuapā (Kūmimi, Molokai). Theyʻve shown UP, again and again, and we are honored to support these fierce huis and the powerful force for change they are in Hawaiʻi!

NOKE MAU Grantees

  • Hui o Kuapā

    Hui o Kuapā

    Hui o Kuapā educates local and global communities about Native Hawaiian biocultural resource management through the restoration, use, and maintenance of Moloka’i’s loko i’a (traditional Hawaiian fishponds) and their adjacent lands. The restoration of ‘Ōhalahala pond in the ahupua’a of Kūmimi on Moloka’i’s East end continues the hui’s 33 year legacy to ho’ohanohano (uplift and honor) fishpond stewardship, and preserve the inherent knowledge and values in the work for future generations.

  • Maunakea Education & Awareness

    Maunakea Education & Awareness

    Maunakea Education & Awareness educates and raises awareness of communities in Hawai’i and beyond on the spiritual, historical, cultural, environmental, and political significance of Mauna Kea and ALL sacred places, and provide cultural learning opportunities to everyone from keiki to kūpuna, residents, visitors, and others concerned about indigenous rights and responsibilities in order to create a platform for protection of sacred places and for social justice and positive change. MKEA remains pivotal as a pillar and piko for the lāhui, dedicated to keeping the movement grounded in ceremony and ritual by utilizing the ʻAha and the kapu aloha guidelines to ground supporters here and around the world in continued protocol.