EA Ecoversity

EA Ecoversity is a culture-based post-secondary education and career training institution grounded in Education with Aloha (EA). Incorporated as a non-profit in 2023, EA Ecoversity’s goal is to provide young Hawaiians, ages 15-30, with culturally-driven, community-based educational experiences and opportunities, including career exploration and training, and by integrating modern technologies and initiatives with ancient ‘ike kūpuna and land-based practices. Based on traditional Hawaiian gift-culture, learners are gifted stipends while they gift their strengths and talents to the program, growing educated, 21st century Kanaka who are ready, willing, and able to advance Hawaiian language and culture, discover new knowledge grounded in ancient values and practices, take care of our ‘āina, and contribute to a thriving, independent Hawai’i. Based on over 35 years of Hawaiian action research by EA Ecoversity’s founder, president and award-winning educator, Dr. Kū Kahakalau, EA Ecoversity’s first two-year cohorts are scheduled to commence in Fall 2024.