Hawai’i Alliance for Progressive Action

Hawai’i Alliance for Progressive Action is supporting community-led efforts to watchdog and protect against land and water grabs in West Maui. HAPA hosted two petitions to raise awareness and amplify community concerns and reports of predatory actions, and has mobilized testimony at the Water Commission. They will continue to support efforts at the Water Commission to ensure that hard won wai protections and streamflow restoration efforts are not rolled back due to pressure from West Maui Land Co., and to support the reinstatement of former Deputy Director Kaleo Manuel who was unfairly removed from his post due to scapegoating by West Maui Land Co.

They are also are working to amplify community demands to protect Lāhainā homeowners from foreclosure by advocating for a three year moratorium on mortgage payments and interest accrual. HAPA has an email list of approximately 17k which is highly engaged and active. They continually amplify community-led demands and mobilize their base to take action. Additionally HAPA will continue to help provide flights for community members seeking assistance with travel to O’ahu for actions, rallies and hearings. They will also continue to respond to emergent needs as requested by Maui-based community partners.

Many of HAPA’s Kuleana Academy alumni and current participants are from Maui and are engaged in frontline relief efforts. They continue to check in with them to see how they are doing and how their efforts can be supported and uplifted. They hope to organize small relief/service projects directed by and for KA alums and participants.