Hui Aloha 808: Bathroom Brigades

Hui Aloha‘s “Bathroom Brigades” is a pilot project that engages houseless (“homeless” or “”unhoused”) residents and housed supply donors near high-use public parks or harbors, to support City/State staff in efforts to keep bathrooms open, safe, and clean during the COVID-19 outbreak. Each “Bathroom Brigade” support one park or harbor bathroom, and is anchored by a houseless Brigade Captain, who helps monitor, disinfect, and supplement cleaning by parks/harbors staff; a housed supply donor keeps the Captain stocked, and Hui Aloha (HA) volunteers recruit both, connect them, and coordinate. Hui Aloha also coordinates with the City/State and with Partners in Care.

MAHALO to Hui Aloha 808 for lovingly stepping in to aloha O’ahu’s vulnerable communities!

#communityDOING #huli2020