Hui Mauli Ola

Hui Mauli Ola, founded in Hawaiian traditions and spiritual practices, is a non-profit organization of multidisciplinary cultural practitioners who are committed to promoting and improving the health and well being of our communities through empowering and providing access to quality care and educational opportunities. HMO aims to support intercultural exchange for practitioners to foster indigenous healing knowledge and support practitioners development by creating interactive programs based on culture and land, and develops multidisciplinary educational experiences for communities to promote healthy living and productive lives, creating environments for traditional healing arts to thrive and flourish while protecting the rights of traditional cultural practitioners.

HPF Urgent Action Grant funds support the Noho Pono program, a wellness initiative that strengthens ‘ohana and communities through the sharing of Hawaiian mo’olelo, cultural values, and lomilomi techniques. This multidisciplinary and interactive program brings people from various backgrounds and communities together with aloha by emphasizing relationship-building and the restoration of holistic health and wellbeing. Focusing on traditional Hawaiian attitudes toward healing that have been adapted to navigate the modern world, Noho Pono is designed to facilitate educational sessions where individual families, schools, nonprofits and organizations learn how to bring about improvements to personal, familial, and communal health using their hands, hearts, and minds.