Mālama Kaua’i

Founded in 2006, Mālama Kaua’i focuses on increasing local food production and access for Kaua’i. They do this through a lens of resilience and sustainability, leveraging workforce and economic development efforts, partnerships, and innovative programs to grow community capacity. They consider the interrelatedness of all issues and the need for a holistic approach, with a focus on ‘Āina, Community, and Culture.

Kaua’i F.A.R.M.S. will Facilitate Agriculture by Reconnecting Mahi’ai Sustainably through a land matching and educational program designed to increase long-term agricultural leases and land ownership by locals on Kaua’i while creating land access leaders to grow the movement into the future. This project is an objective target of their Kaua’i Food Access Plan 2030, which identified land access and land back movements as a key missing piece to the success of Hawai’i’s future food system.