PE’A (Pasefika Empowerment & Advancement)

Pasefika Empowerment and Advancement (PE’A) is a non-profit organization recently established by Pacific Islander women to support the increase in representation of Hawaii-Pacific Islanders in post-secondary education, as well as in employment opportunities. Seeking to fill the void, PE’A made a conscious decision to spend this entire year advocating and providing services and resources that would address the needs of PIs during this tumultuous period with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic. With HPF’s support, PE’A hosted a virtual Christmas Vespers event in partnership with Chuukese and Samoan churches and communities. This on-line recorded event was viewed as a time to come together for fellowship, to share about free COVID-19 testing and useful information in various languages, and to provide an alternate means of connection for their PI communities across Hawai’i.