Pōhāhā i ka Lani

Pōhāhā i ka Lani builds upon nearly two decades of the organization’s land stewardship and revitalization efforts in Waipiʻo Valley, helping to ensure that the wahi pana will thrive with native plants and deepen the relationship between residents and visitors helping to mālama ʻāina. HPF funding facilitated transportation in and out of the valley, provided compensation for presenters, educators, and alakaʻi volunteers, and purchased necessary supplies needed throughout the year. Pōhāhā i ka Lani continued their active land stewardship and cultural education opportunities near Hiʻilawe waterfall and surrounding areas in Waipiʻo Valley, targeting youth and young adults ages 15-30 from Hawaiʻi, U.S., and internationally, empowering them to be responsible “ambassadors” for promoting positive and pono practices when visiting special places in Hawaiʻi.

They plan to continue their stewardship through educational programming and expansion to the new parcels they began leasing in 2018 adjacent to their current parcels. This includes continued invasive removal, cultivation of various food-bearing and other crops, and bank stabilization. They also envision development of covered structures, cabins, and compostable toilet structures to increase their ability to host events, multi-day educational groups, and interns in times of inclement weather, as well as establish more permanent road repairs that aren’t as easily damaged by heavy rains.