Pono For The People

Pono For The People was created in June 2020 in response to the epidemic of confusion associated with mail-in voting being heightened by COVID-19. Founded by two native Hawaiian women at the top of Hawaiʻiʻs marketing and graphic design industry, they have joined forces to help navigate people’s political consciousness in Hawaiʻi. They provide non-partisan, factual and sourced information in an attractive, easy to digest format that features the important who, what, when, where and why of this year’s election—how to vote by mail or in person, what offices are up for election, what those elected positions do, who the candidates are and what their stance on important issues is.  Evidenced by over 600k impressions in just two months, Pono For The People is feeding a very starved millennial audience on the ins and outs of this election season. Bringing this same energy and exceptional creative communication to the television screen will furthers their reach, engages, and educates more voters!