• Hawai’i Women in Filmmaking

    Hawai’i Women in Filmmaking

    Hawai’i Women in Filmmaking advocates for women and girls (cis/trans), femmes, non-binary, gender-fluid and gender-queer to tell their stories through film with an intersectional lens. Making Media That Matters is a youth filmmaking program that focuses its content on social change and justice.

  • Pu’uhonua o Wailupe

    Pu’uhonua o Wailupe

    Pu’uhonua o Wailupe is a living sanctuary for the stewardship and protection of iwi kūpuna, cultural sites, natural resources, and traditional Hawaiian rights and practices. Located in a predominantly settler community on East O’ahu, they aim to protect the unique history, cultural sites, and iwi kūpuna of Wailupe. The hui engages in educational outreach, non-violent…

  • Kahalu’u Kūāhewa

    Kahalu’u Kūāhewa

    Kahalu’u Kūāhewa is a community-based organization located in the ahupuaʻa of Kahalu’u ma uka. Located in one of Konaʻs largest intact traditional agricultural field systems preserved within a 354-acre area owned by Bishop Estate-Kamehameha Schools, the hui has documented 3,500 archaeological features, 98.7% of which are considered traditional agricultural features. Removal of invasive species, revitalizing and…

  • Hui Kaloko Honokōhau

    Hui Kaloko Honokōhau

    Hui Kaloko Honokōhau is dedicated to protecting, preserving, and advancing the natural and cultural resources of Kaloko and the customary and traditional practices of Native Hawaiians of the area. As kia’i loko (fishpond guardians), they aim to restore, conserve, and manage the area’s water, natural, cultural, scenic, historic and marine resources for the benefit, education,…

  • Ho’i Ho’i Ea

    Ho’i Ho’i Ea

    Ho’i Ho’i Ea‘s mission is to (re)establish sovereignty through the reclamation of land, water, and nearshore marine estuaries in mālama ‘āina traditions and responsive campaigns, embodying the concept of aloha ‘āina. They are a multi-generational hui comprised of traditional agricultural practitioners, educators, and organizers. They respond to rising threats to cultural practices, indigenous rights, and…

  • Ka ‘Ahahui Hawai’i Aloha ‘Āina

    Ka ‘Ahahui Hawai’i Aloha ‘Āina

    Reactivated in 2016 from its original formation circa 1893, Ka ʻAhahui Hawaiʻi Aloha ʻĀina (Hui Aloha ʻĀina) exists for the expressed purpose of perpetuating Hawaiian national identity, the development of a Hawaiian national consciousness, and the restoration of Hawaiian national independence. Hui Aloha ʻĀina has branches on all major islands, is entirely volunteer driven, is a multigenerational…

  • Lā Ho’iho’i Ea Honolulu

    Lā Ho’iho’i Ea Honolulu

    Lā Ho’iho’i Ea Honolulu‘s mission is to uphold a “big tent” for the Hawaiian independence movement. They provide safe and inclusive spaces to celebrate, learn about, and strengthen the political autonomy of Hawai’i’s people, past, present, and future. Through the perpetuation of Lā Ho’iho’i Ea (Hawaiian sovereignty restoration day), they bring people together in educational,…

  • Project Koa Yoga

    Project Koa Yoga

    Project Koa Yoga‘s mission is to diversify the faces of yoga while preserving the people, land, and culture of Hawai’i. They create diversity in yoga and wellness spaces by teaching trauma-informed yoga and meditation with NGO partners serving marginalized communities, BIPOC-centered studio-style classes, scholarship-based Yoga teacher training and apprenticeship program for BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S+Māhū, incarcerated folx,…

  • EA Ecoversity

    EA Ecoversity

    EA Ecoversity is a culture-based post-secondary education and career training institution grounded in Education with Aloha (EA). Incorporated as a non-profit in 2023, EA Ecoversity’s goal is to provide young Hawaiians, ages 15-30, with culturally-driven, community-based educational experiences and opportunities, including career exploration and training, and by integrating modern technologies and initiatives with ancient ‘ike…

  • Ma’i Movement Hawai’i

    Ma’i Movement Hawai’i

    As a Native Hawaiian, women-led organization, Ma’i Movement Hawai’i is deeply committed to menstrual equity and ending period poverty in Hawai’i. They have taken on the kuleana (responsibility, privilege) to ensure all individuals of menstruation age have access to sanitary products, safe and hygienic places to use them, and the right to manage their bodies…