• Hawai’i Peace & Justice

    Hawai’i Peace & Justice

    Hawaiʻi Peace and Justice (HPJ) works locally and transnationally to promote peace, social justice, and ea (life, sovereignty, rising, breath) in Hawaiʻi through research, education, organizing, nonviolent direct action, and creative cultural interventions. HPJ is contracting an administrative role to coordinate volunteers to provide labor relief to the Lāhaina community hubs, as well as organizing…

  • Hawai’i Alliance for Progressive Action

    Hawai’i Alliance for Progressive Action

    Hawai’i Alliance for Progressive Action is supporting community-led efforts to watchdog and protect against land and water grabs in West Maui. HAPA hosted two petitions to raise awareness and amplify community concerns and reports of predatory actions, and has mobilized testimony at the Water Commission. They will continue to support efforts at the Water Commission…

  • Mālama Kakanilua

    Mālama Kakanilua

    Mālama Kakanilua is presently engaged in direct action resistance/protection of ‘iwi kūpuna, and aims to stop the Grand Wailea Resort from constructing 151 hotel units, swimming pools, new wings, and injection wells in known Kanaka Maoli burial grounds. The hui stands with other Kanaka Maoli groups pursuing this case to ensure that ‘iwi kūpuna are…

  • Hui o Kuapā

    Hui o Kuapā

    Hui o Kuapā educates local and global communities about Native Hawaiian biocultural resource management through the restoration, use, and maintenance of Moloka’i’s loko i’a (traditional Hawaiian fishponds) and their adjacent lands. The restoration of ‘Ōhalahala pond in the ahupua’a of Kūmimi on Moloka’i’s East end continues the hui’s 33 year legacy to ho’ohanohano (uplift and…

  • Maunakea Education & Awareness

    Maunakea Education & Awareness

    Maunakea Education & Awareness educates and raises awareness of communities in Hawai’i and beyond on the spiritual, historical, cultural, environmental, and political significance of Mauna Kea and ALL sacred places, and provide cultural learning opportunities to everyone from keiki to kūpuna, residents, visitors, and others concerned about indigenous rights and responsibilities in order to create a…

  • Hawai’i Women in Filmmaking

    Hawai’i Women in Filmmaking

    Hawai’i Women in Filmmaking advocates for women and girls (cis/trans), femmes, non-binary, gender-fluid and gender-queer to tell their stories through film with an intersectional lens. Making Media That Matters is a youth filmmaking program that focuses its content on social change and justice.

  • Pu’uhonua o Wailupe

    Pu’uhonua o Wailupe

    Pu’uhonua o Wailupe is a living sanctuary for the stewardship and protection of iwi kūpuna, cultural sites, natural resources, and traditional Hawaiian rights and practices. Located in a predominantly settler community on East O’ahu, they aim to protect the unique history, cultural sites, and iwi kūpuna of Wailupe. The hui engages in educational outreach, non-violent…

  • Kahalu’u Kūāhewa

    Kahalu’u Kūāhewa

    Kahalu’u Kūāhewa is a community-based organization located in the ahupuaʻa of Kahalu’u ma uka. Located in one of Konaʻs largest intact traditional agricultural field systems preserved within a 354-acre area owned by Bishop Estate-Kamehameha Schools, the hui has documented 3,500 archaeological features, 98.7% of which are considered traditional agricultural features. Removal of invasive species, revitalizing and…

  • Hui Kaloko Honokōhau

    Hui Kaloko Honokōhau

    Hui Kaloko Honokōhau is dedicated to protecting, preserving, and advancing the natural and cultural resources of Kaloko and the customary and traditional practices of Native Hawaiians of the area. As kia’i loko (fishpond guardians), they aim to restore, conserve, and manage the area’s water, natural, cultural, scenic, historic and marine resources for the benefit, education,…

  • Ho’i Ho’i Ea

    Ho’i Ho’i Ea

    Ho’i Ho’i Ea‘s mission is to (re)establish sovereignty through the reclamation of land, water, and nearshore marine estuaries in mālama ‘āina traditions and responsive campaigns, embodying the concept of aloha ‘āina. They are a multi-generational hui comprised of traditional agricultural practitioners, educators, and organizers. They respond to rising threats to cultural practices, indigenous rights, and…