Maui Aloha

  • Pacific Birth Collective

    Pacific Birth Collective

    PBC is a professional community-based collective growing a network of service providers and island families dedicated to education, support, and advocacy for birth and wellness choices across Hawai’i. PBC hit the ground running on August 10 by opening their facility to the community as a donation site for items specific to pregnant and birthing families…

  • Nā Kia’i o Maui

    Nā Kia’i o Maui

    Nā Ki’ai o Maui (formerly Da Hui) mobilized under the leadership of Aunty Nettie, who is a resident of Lāhaina that was directly impacted by the fires. Aunty Nettie stepped up in the midst of the chaos to provide much needed leadership at War Memorial immediately following the disaster. She quickly mobilized her core team…

  • Maui Medic Healers Hui

    Maui Medic Healers Hui

    MMHH mobilized two days after the fires with health care providers on the west side of Maui, and have been there ever since. They provide a variety of services as they try to maintain stability in a very uncertain and unstable dynamic after a terrifying disaster. Their goal is to build trust, create safety, and…

  • Hōlani Hāna

    Hōlani Hāna

    Hōlani Hāna is collaborating with a kīpuka in Central Maui that supports grassroots community-led collective action focused on the long-term healing and restoration of the ‘āina and ‘ohana impacted by the Maui fires.

  • Sust’āinable Molokai

    Sust’āinable Molokai

    Sust’āinable Molokai’s mission is to restore ʻāina momona, thriving people and abundant land. At the start of community response efforts, the hui provided support for boats bringing essential supplies from Molokai to Kahana/Lāhaina. They are following the communityʻs lead and need, and will continue to serve Maui ʻohana as needs arise. Sust’āinable Molokai is supporting…

  • Nā ‘Aikāne o Maui

    Nā ‘Aikāne o Maui

    On August 8th, 2023 the Nā ‘Aikāne o Maui Lāhaina Cultural Center was lost to the devastating firestorm. Immediately after the disaster, Nā ‘Aikāne spearheaded recovery and relief efforts to affected residents. Despite the hui’s great loss, Ke’eaumoku Kapu, longtime indigenous justice and social change advocate, has been tirelessly serving the community, staffing care hubs…

  • Lālākea Foundation

    Lālākea Foundation

    Lālākea Foundationʻs mission is to perpetuate traditional cultural practices by demonstrating oral traditions, teachings and ways of transmitting knowledge through the generations, provide a learning and enrichment platform for cultural practitioners and learners to encourage the preservation of the ancient art forms of Hawaiʻi, and educate practitioners about the need to protect and nurture our…

  • Ko’ihonua


    Ko’ihonua is dedicated to reclaiming and providing cultural space for our lāhui to learn, practice, and engage in Hawaiian traditions and practices. The hui is focusing on three aspects of Response during this crucial time ~ immediate Relief, Recovery, and preparedness moving forward. Flanking Nā ʻAikāne o Mauiʻs efforts, Ko’ihonua purchased solar generators, conventional generators,…

  • Hawai’i Peace & Justice

    Hawai’i Peace & Justice

    Hawaiʻi Peace and Justice (HPJ) works locally and transnationally to promote peace, social justice, and ea (life, sovereignty, rising, breath) in Hawaiʻi through research, education, organizing, nonviolent direct action, and creative cultural interventions. HPJ is contracting an administrative role to coordinate volunteers to provide labor relief to the Lāhaina community hubs, as well as organizing…

  • Hawai’i Alliance for Progressive Action

    Hawai’i Alliance for Progressive Action

    Hawai’i Alliance for Progressive Action is supporting community-led efforts to watchdog and protect against land and water grabs in West Maui. HAPA hosted two petitions to raise awareness and amplify community concerns and reports of predatory actions, and has mobilized testimony at the Water Commission. They will continue to support efforts at the Water Commission…